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South African Tourism

The South African Tourism Trade Indaba was hosted in Durban this year. We developed a multi-touch interactive table to showcase and excite users about South African Experiences and content. The table featured an interactive map with iPad like functionality, experience videos, trade listings and a full search.

The Table was designed, engineered and produced in South Africa. The Engineering level is of the highest quality. Users are also able to add any relevant content they enjoy on the table to a favourites list and send that to their emails so they can continue their experience from home.
This amazing table was a collaboration between SA Tourism, Gloo Digital (design and branding), Pixel Project (programming and development), DC Interactive (CMS, Database and Email) and Digital Fabric (Table design, engineering and production).

Special mention has to go to William Price from SAT for his amazing vision to do this, Michelle Geere from Gloo for her production management skills, Preston Thomas from Pixel Project for making the software real, Gavin Olivier from Digital Fabric for making a world class table and Hendrik Rust from DC Interactive for the Backend CMS, offline database conversions and email solutions.

Richard Quest from CNN stated that if you had to combine iPad technology with multimedia, video and state of the art interaction this is what you would land up with. He went on further to joke that although it would not fit into the overhead storage on the plane he can at least just lie down on it

This multi-touch table is a first for South Africa at this level and quality and we will

proudly see it touring to the UK and Europe for future exhibitions. The development on this table proves that South Africa can produce a World Class product of this nature and compete successfully in the multi-touch arena and the tourism travel arena.

The table was specifically engineered to be able to come apart and be rebuilt with no quality loss to the product. Careful thought was given to the design staying mindful of all the components. The system also sports an amazing sound system including sub woofers.