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Digital broker guides and sales tools
Momentum Health

Momentum Health needed a solution to create a digital channel of communication with their brokers. Pixel Project created Complete Health, which features a “LiveUpdate” facility to ensure the brokers are all up-to-date with the information available, a needs analysis tool and a quiz.

Momentum Myriad

Expanding on the success of Complete Health, Complete Myriad was developed for a different department within Momentum. Complete Myriad is a bilingual (English and Afrikaans) platform with sales aids, forms, information and various useful tools for the Myriad brokers. A version was also created for the Namibian brokers.

FundsatWork Interactive

A third department within Momentum wanted to consolidate their product offering into a digital solution which would be updateable and be able to serve brokers the latest documentation they would need for their clients.