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Investec AR Stand

Interactive stand, augmented reality – 2010

Switch Design Cape Town asked us to develop an interactive component to form part of the stand they were designing for Investec for the Institute of Retirement Funds (IRF) Conference. The theme and message of the stand focused on the documentary “The End of the Line”, an eye-opening documentary about the impact of over-fishing our oceans and the imminent extinction of the bluefin Tuna. Delegates to the conference were given information packs containing origami fish with fiduciary (AR) markers on them and were directed to take them to the stand.

Part of the brief was to incorporate augmented reality as part of the installation. The stand was built by the ever-impressive Xzibit. The stand was influenced by origami shapes and was designed to match the printed material the delegates received. It housed three 40” flat screen TVs – each connected to a computer and a high-speed camera. The screens displayed empty underwater scenes with nothing but floating, plankton-type objects. The middle screen displayed the words: “Where have all the fish gone?”. When the marker was held in front of the camera, a 3D origami fish swam into the scene. The user navigated the virtual tuna around the environment by moving the marker around in front of the camera. Raising the marker up would make the fish swim up, lowering the marker would make the fish swim down. The objective was to steer the fish to “eat” the plankton, which then revealed some hard-hitting statistics about our oceans (extracted from the documentary) as well as various financial matters.

The installation created a conceptual link between maintaining and preserving our financial wealth and protecting our natural wealth.